Please feel free to contact me through the following networks:
The quick list
.......Comics for Kindle, go to the store!
This online web portfolio contains a
sampling my work in animation,
concept art, modeling, texturing and
sequential  art. Various comics
projects are in progress as of
January 2012 - including a KINDLE
only comics launch announcement
coming soon.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by
at this year's Long Beach Comic Con.
Pages of Eight, my mini anthology
was well received and if you bought
one please message me using the
bright red contact info link above.
Jamie Gambell will soon be featuring
the book on his website,
monkeypipestudios.com in the near
future - stay TUNED!
..Jesse Mesa Toves, artist and animator
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For a few years now I have been writing,
illustrating and publishing my own
independent comics - Trouble, Guts & Noir
is almost complete and my newest project -
Encoding Bushido (part of the Samurai
Original Graphic Novel) is in full production
as well. For years I have been participating
in the 24 Hour Comics Challenge and the
fruits of that labor have come to market in
Trouble, Guts & Noir- a future noir series
written and illustrated by yours truly.