Issue #2 Encoding Bushido artwork on the way!

Issue 2 art is nearly done, and by that I mean inks are done so the hardest part is over. Colors will be in progress very soon and issue #3 is completely layed out and ready for full rendering.

So thanks for dropping by, and please sign up for updates – I promise all updates comply with GDPR rules and are VERY specific to product releases and NOT constant spam.

Haunted Ballerina

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So I am a huge Disney nerd - or at least I was. I don't have an annual pass anymore and haven't been there in a while. But this piece I remember sketching at lunch one time while still in the park. If you take a close look at the original Harper Goff painting, the woman is wearing ballet slippers, and I thought I'd spin the illustration a little bit. Plus, I once worked on a cheesy Saturday night sequel of Lake Placid - yeah, the one with the giant crocodile, and still had a good model to use as reference.

11x17, printed on semi gloss 80lb cover stock.

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