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Encoding Bushido debuts at Wondercon 2018

First issue will have a second printing, preview issue still available on Comixology!

Wondercon 2018 was a terrific show, but if you couldn’t make it and still want the first issue I want to make it easier for you. Please make your order for the second printing if you want the physical copy, or sign up for the email announcement of the Comixology release date below.

Encoding Bushido Chapter 02

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Encoding Bushido Chapter 2 is the second in a seven issue series. It continues the story first presented in the Samurai Graphic Novel anthology, exploring the theme "What does 'samurai' mean to you?"

The book asks a simple question, if you could turn the Bushido code into software, would a robot programmed with it be honorable? A legendary robotics designer and his latest two creations, brothers of a sort, set out to answer that question.

24 pgs, Full color, standard comic book format, art and story by Jesse Mesa Toves.

(1st printing)

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