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Encoding Bushido debuts at Wondercon 2018

First issue will have a second printing, preview issue still available on Comixology!

Wondercon 2018 was a terrific show, but if you couldn’t make it and still want the first issue I want to make it easier for you. Please make your order for the second printing if you want the physical copy, or sign up for the email announcement of the Comixology release date below.

Haunted Ballerina

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So I am a huge Disney nerd - or at least I was. I don't have an annual pass anymore and haven't been there in a while. But this piece I remember sketching at lunch one time while still in the park. If you take a close look at the original Harper Goff painting, the woman is wearing ballet slippers, and I thought I'd spin the illustration a little bit. Plus, I once worked on a cheesy Saturday night sequel of Lake Placid - yeah, the one with the giant crocodile, and still had a good model to use as reference.

11x17, printed on semi gloss 80lb cover stock.

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