Pro Registration confirmed, WonderCon 2019

So I have my professional registration for Wondercon 2019 – just like the title says – and it’s the first time I have ever registered as such for any convention anywhere. Decades of comic cons later, even when I was working on things being featured AT comic cons, I would never register.

Why? Usually I was working on the next thing, show, project or whatever. Really, it’s that I just never liked driving all the back to San Diego, spending money on hotels etc. WonderCon in Anaheim is a different story. Nevermind Disneyland, Anaheim is just far enough away to feel like I’ve busted out of town, and close enough to get back home when I get sick of the tourists.

But Wondercon over that past few years is just a bit better sized than most cons like the bigger brother ComicCon San Diego. At a decent enough part of the year, temperatures are manageable enough for the cosplayers not to die of heat exposure and the organizational powers have more of their collective act together. They have to – some of the bigger – and louder – names in the business are coming to Anaheim these days. Can’t bite the hands that feed, yadda yadda.

Anyway, I was more hoping to get off the waiting list but I am told that showing up and snagging a table or two from a no show might work.