Encoding Bushido 2 coming to print and Comixology

So issue 2 just went to both the printer and Comixology and it’s sort of a race to see who will actually complete first.

It’s not really an exciting, Top Gear across the mountains, Indy 500 sort of race – the print deadline is mostly guaranteed by the printer. The delivery is pretty reliable with their schedules and practices – they’ve finally got things down to a rigid set of procedures. I want to be able to say the same thing about Comixology but they are far more opaque a company than the printer I am using.

That has always bothered me about Comixology. It is still by far the least data rich of all the platforms I have ever used. And I have commented about this at length in other posts and blogs, so I am flogging it again, hoping someone is listening inside their offices.

But, in other news, it still doesn’t look like WonderCon 2019 is in my cards – I have a pretty hardcore work deadline that delivers that weekend and I’m sort of supervising the whole thing. I always hated supervisors who blew off deadlines and buggered off to wherever instead of seeing things through. My, my, how that would be a table turned if I started doing the same! But if I did it would still be “work” – just not for a client of my own. Still.