Value proposition

I have never really had good metrics on the usefulness of this website. It serves as a backup plan for the most part – a place where I can point people when yet another social network eventually fails or just stagnates.

But it’s been a creature with two heads for an awfully long time – part portfolio website for various visual effects purposes and part comics shilling porthole.

There are any number of solutions available – just add another blog with tools that are free which would effectively cut the two headed beast in half.

Either way, it still feels like starting over again … again. So far I like the manner in which the WordPress version enables the two headed thing to at least be somewhat cleaner and organized. I have to face the fact that I do an awful lot of stuff lately – and personally I like people with tons of different interests and the ability to manage all of them.

With WordPress in the guts of all of this, it makes it easy for people to dive in wherever they want – kind of like the menu at a good deli, hehe. It’s a giant menu, but everyone can drill down to where they want to without being overwhelmed because you always know where they keep the meat.

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