Go ahead and work for Exposure

Notice that’s a capital “Exposure” – and what I mean by that is Exposure if worth something, exposure isn’t.


If someone tries to hire you with the old chestnut “It will give you exposure” – let them know you expect the other kind with a capital E.

Here’s that it means – if a company is going to hire you, they expect to reach a certain number of people with whatever number sized audience.

YOUR price for that exposure should be a FUNCTION of THAT number.

“So your company expects the audience for this work to be 100,000? Fine, my price for doing this project is you get me 1000 likes on my facebook page.”

That’s right. Exposure – capital – has a quantifiable number now. There are no more ambiguous metrics like their were in print and broadcasting. You can get solid projections from professionals about how much they “expose” various audiences to marketing and media messaging.

As an artist, you need to do your homework on who gets what numbers and if someone doesn’t have the numbers, they can only afford exposure, and NOT Exposure.

What is the value – as an artist – that you put on a retweet? A like? A heart in Instagram? Artists thrive on building audiences for their work, and any artist good on various media platforms is totally aware that even with tons of metrics, converting someone to a customer is a different story.

But you can’t sell anything if someone doesn’t know it exists. Hence, Exposure.

What’s it worth to you? And let’s face it – too many businesspeople don’t waste time trying to find GOOD art, they just look for POPULAR art. It sucks to say that. But non artists in charge of purchasing art don’t have their gut to trust – NOW they have hard data.

Don’t get me wrong. Metrics and Exposure are NOT the whole picture and never will be, but I can surely attest to the value of Exposure versus exposure – just look at my living room and the various equipment and┬ásamples in it sent to me because people knew I would give them the best possible Exposure.


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