Long absence and Defiance

Well after too many months, and many episodes of Defiance, I’m posting an update.

I didn’t realize the level of commitment that was going to be required for the 3rd season of SyFy’s Defiance. Most of that has been of my own doing. No one really asked me to make that commitment. But I think it has been worth it.

In other news, I did finish the redo of one of my comics and I am kind of stunned at the results. It felt effortless and unending at the same time – a strange sounding combination. But I was – here’s that word again – committed to making it as good as the comic that followed it. Issue 5 was what set me on the path of redoing issue 4.

I explained this before but issue 4 of Trouble, Guts & Noir was a personal challenge years ago – could I finish an entire issue in one month – all aspects. Writing, layout, inks, etc. Everything. The answer was yes, but at a cost to quality.

I wanted to know if I could make a comic every month while holding a full time job – the answer was yes but it wasn’t nearly as clear, rendered or polished as I thought it should be.

I final result has been submitted and approved through Comixology and should be available soon, and I have already written the follow up.

But one of the negative sides of working in television is that the breaks between seasons can be downright unpredictable – but the upside is I can work on personal projects.

This year will be no exception.

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