One size fits none well

I knew the pencase would not be a one size fits all solution. I had been somewhat amiss in at least one aspect of developing the pencase in some people’s opinions.


I had been mostly clear about certain items that would fit in the pencase, but I also knew inherently that there are as many pens as there are artists. Many people’s favorite clutch pencil will simply not fit in the current design.

But something of a balancing act had to occur. I chose simply to define some ideas about who this pencase is for and for whom it is not intended. And it is in no way an insult. I simply think the one size fits all idea serves no one well.

I think one of the more obtuse by-products of consumer culture is the thought that all business must conform to consumer will. I think it more appropriate to say business must understand consumer feedback and act responsibly.

This is an interesting proposition, but like all semi prescient optimism, it has to be weighed against the reality that something unexpected always occurs.

My favorite stories in 3d printing are those where people in need of printers find them and apply them to problems that have needed to be solved for longer than 3d printing has been a “thing.”

One of my favorite recent examples is this story fro  the Ultimaker website. It is a fantastic project which embraces the speed and flexibility its design process which 3d peinting enables.

Now that I habe experienced much of that design flexibility, we’ll see how long it takes for the pencase to evolve.

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