Breaking Creative blocks


I like the Seth Godin quote about writer’s block. “No one ever gets talkers block.” If that makes sense to you, I like you. Lets get coffee.

I learned the term “non linear thinking” in high school. I never really fit in during high school. Not that I hated it but like plenty of guys, i just couldn’t wait for it to be over. So the idea of creative thinking sat well with me. Redirecting or even outright distracting yourself can yield some interesting results.

I actually tried explaining the concept to my friend Leo. Leo was an everyman in high school, average grades, went on to a military stint, then a wife and two kids later in life.

But in college, I saw him on campus before he left for his duy station trying to get back into his car. The keys were locked inside and he’d managed to find some wire to slip thru the window to try and flip the lock while we talked about the good old days.

As I was explaining the concept of non linear thinking to him, he lost sight of what he was doing to the car. For a second he was actually focused on trying to remember an instance where he had experienced something similar to what I’d mentioned.

Then, not without irony, the wire found its mark, popped open the door and stopped our conversation cold for a second before we both realized the punchline.

So there’s a bit of art, a goofy story and a blog post before I settle into a pretty rigorous Phase 3 of e Pencase project. Thanks for watching.