Friend work

I’ve been insinuating myself into my friend’s businesses lately. Nothing rude, just poking around into their projects here and there.

Every so often I get stuck analyzing my own work, and one of the easiest ways to break out of that is to ask my friend’s if I can do something with their projects.

Honestly sometimes I don’t ask, I just do it.


Above is one of the notes I made on a friend’s work.

Gerimi Burleigh is a friend and comics maker with whom I collaborated years ago on a version of the story of John Henry. I wrote, he illustrated. I told him once we should turn those roles around as I think he’s a good writer.

As an artist, Gerimi admits his struggles with his own work and I chose to make some notes on his latest Morningstar cover. Actually, I made a version of my own after one of his blogs. A few rounds of notes and he was happy. He tells the story better, of course.

Soon, I’ll be back on my own projects.