An unexpected emergency project

I broke my sunglasses case, which was actually the case for my last subscription pair. It was also the origins of the whole pencase journey.

I’ve said before I started designing the pencase after Inktober, but in reality I made a list of things I wanted to make when I ordered my first 3d printer.

I had all kinds of things skethed up, but one of them was a new case for my glasses. I even tried to design some new frames for my glasses at one point, but I needed more time to experiment. Everything looked kind of ‘oakley-esque’ so I put that aside.

While the pencase is totally practical for me, it’s nowhere near as everyday a requirement as my glasses case. I am pretty sure it will be a kitbash of some of the pencase elements, but I immediately had an idea for it’s design the second the sunglasses case lid snapped off.

I go to Disneyland a lot. I mean, a LOT. I’m a grown man, but I still love the place. It’s representative of a history that wasn’t mine, and it happens to have an ambient energy that is unmatched. But while I am there, going in and out of different areas, I switch my glasses on and off constantly.

It’s one of the behaviors which made the current snap, side hinge and belt clip design of the pencase so important. I usually keep my sunglasses in a side pocket of my backpack. But without my backpack, there is no easy way to carry my sunglasses.  Inhate dangling them from my neck. And no Ferris Bueller principal flip lenses for me, thanks.

So hopefully I can burn thru this latest project quickly. I bought a cheap store bought case which is terrible because of the way it opens lengthwise. Cases like this make it more likely I’ll drop my glasses. But, its also happens to be quite slim and fits my current backpack pocket.

So it’s off to Disneyland, and then back to the grind,.