What’s the holdup, Pencase guy?

Apparently, I am the only one overly concerned with a delay in Pencase production. Insert some witty remark here while I’m not looking.

I did meet with some interesting 3rd party 3d printing suppliers and makers at Siggraph. At least one of them offered to print one of my files at – get this – “no charge.”

My radar usually tells me quotes means no charge at all to rpint, but oh, you have to come get it yourself. OR, you have to do something else to get you into the showroom or sales floor etc.

I suppose I should be more open about this, but their printer lineup is two things: amazing in output, and totally out of my price range. I won’t mention names, but I honestly drool over their samples. They are consistently amazing.

The fact is they do resin and other materials that are honestly just so messy and prone to my constant fumbling and clumsiness. I really want to outsource to an American manufacturer if possible, and there were services that were on the floor at Siggraph that were within reach.

I hope to have a sample soon, if not a full fledged killer one of a kind METAL version of the Pencase. But evennthis would be a trick of sorts, since the most interesting samples were metal coated resins. REALLY high quality chrome and pewter finishes – luxurious to say the least.

That was exciting. Just imagining the Pencase with that fine a finish. Actually almost anything with that finish. Wow. As they say, stay tuned.