Does this drawing make my butt look big?

That’s a terrible joke. But inktober is coming and I feel like I’ve already started. 

The real purpose of the month as stated is to get people drawing every day for 30 days. It didnt hurt Jake Parker’s reputation either. As a matter of fact it helped him build a massive audience for his own work. At least massive in comparison to mine. I know, I’m not supposed to compare blah blah blah.

It happens.

I have struggled with drawing for years, mostly because it doesn’t have the same career focus and return on investment that my other skills have. But something worse is really the reason. I have relatively severe hand tremors and they are at times unavoidable during meticulous detail work.

Part of the ease I find in digital work is that I can undo and refine the result of these tremors and make polished work. I can’t easily do that in ink. What I CAN do is minimize them with scale. Since the tremors my hands cause very small jagged marks, why not increase the scale at which I draw. Then everything looks natural.

I’m not sure what these tremors are, sometimes they don’t bothet me at all. Caffeine, stress, lack of sleep. Might be any, all or none of these things, but as my doctor deems to think I’m normal I’ll find my way to make art.

Now go draw.