Emma from Stained

Not too long ago I met David Baron, the creator of the mini series “Stained,” published by 451 Media.

I volunteered to 3d model and possibly 3d print a figure prototype of the main Character Emma, an technologically enhanced bounty hunter.

So my first step is always digging through my personal model library looking for similar models just to block in the figure and possible props. Some of Emma started with a model I had made of another comic book character for an animation test. Female, same basic proportions and clothing.

But I would need fingerless gloves, weapons, a holster, a different hairstyle and lots of custom cybernetic details later. These were the base elements I cobbled together to plan out the figure. Dig the floating eyeballs:

Zbrush has a feature I don’t often see used other than to show that it’s a feature. In most default interface setups of the current versions, the XPose button hides at the bottom right of the model window.

What it does is temporarily transpose all the subtools into an exploded view so that you get the above layout or something similar.

Useful? Well, since I have not seen too many people use it, I guess people don’t find it very useful. But in my case, it’s useful for picturing at least in a very early way, the discreet parts which will require different treatments for 3d printing. Sometimes, it’s good at showing me parts that need special attention because some of their geometry has been hidden. It can also tell me I am using too many subtools.

If you’d like to read more about Emma’s adventures, check out Stained on Comixology. Follow David’s work on instagram or twitter @myzomibes or @451official.