From Foam to Digital to home

SO – I start a lot of blogs that way. But this is a first:

For the first time in twenty years of working in visual effects, and tons of rubber monster types of movies I get to KEEP one of the creatures I worked on.

Previously at Sundance and then the GO90 network, Snatchers is a teen comedy/horror series.

Technically the little rubber critter was ordered after we finished production on the second season of the show it belongs to but it was the first thing I built for this particular show.

The second season was a really big project for the company I work for in terms of scope and scale. Full digital creatures, combined digital AND practical creature shots and the prerequisite gore and mayhem for a horror comedy.

I think I personally touched more than 70 or so shots with digital creatures – full animation lighting and compositing of shots – or “soup to nuts” as some of the old timers like to put it.

The result I hope will be airing soon on an internet connection near you.

But for the meantime – the little package of foam, paint and wires turned into solid creature is on its way home.

I made a 3d print of the model I made and will likely set them on some honored spot near my desk.