Pareto principle in action, sort of

This could be the biggest mistake I ever make in my life online but I just can’t stand the lack of engagement for the amount of effort I have put into facebook.

I bought into a lot of internet guru hoopla about it being so good for marketing and it’s been a complete loss. So it’s obvious I bought the snake oil, drank it and died. Figuratively speaking. It took five years but hey, I have a thick skull and a high tolerance for pain.

I have spent so much money and time just keeping my anemic website live that I finally said screw it, I better do something here.

To tell you the truth, the tools now are so much better I wish I had done it sooner.

I had coded my own website before. Done the whole fancy Flash based thing, too. I even went full stripped down for mobile when that was the thing. Now comes WordPress and the real rabbit hole opens up.

Truth is I spent a week or two in it and finally thought, I might be able to make this work and provide some value to people who are just too worried about their own projects and work to get into the game.

So watch me screw up all kinds of crap so you don’t have to. Or not. But at least I won’t be making Mark Zuckerbeg any richer than I have to anymore.


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