Going against Ideo

If you know the name Ideo, you know I am not a competitor to them in any way.


But one of their tenets of product design is that testing should be as genuine as possible. In part I agree.

But for pencase, I have different agendas than Ideo.

Typically, they are a gun for hire, and as such have to engage with clients as well as consumers.

I’m going about this a little differently because my clients ARE the customers. At least that’s the hope.

One of the key product testing tenets is that developers not taint the testing with too much story,  interference, or instructions.

In the case of my product there is almost nothing BUT story. It’s an object with a catered and curated narrative and without it, there would likely be less interest in it.

Starting this project, I merely wanted tomake something which grew out of my art organically. I love the idea of full employment which is the maximum engagement of my cumulative skills. Needless to say, that can be a tremendous high. It can also be bloody tiring!

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