More data, more problems

Actually that isn’t the issue I really have. I wanted from the beginning to target specific peoplw with the pencase and for the most part, I have exactly the contingent I wanted.

The serial numbers were printed instead of engraved.

After the initial questionaire went out the one thing I was most concerned about seemed to be unfounded. I was actually worried about whether the testers wore belts!

I had made the pencase with a fixed belt clip which I actually use on my pocket in the field. I wear jeans usually so they are tough enough to handle the clip.

But I realize the belt clip might be a little narrow for heavy leather belts. I honestly feel the case works without the clip which might be a subtle change derived from the analysis of the data.

Since many answered that they don’t often draw or work in the field, they might be open to a version without the belt clip.

Interesting way to read the data.

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