What’s my name? It said.

For the longest time I have wanted to call the Pencase, T.I.K. – the Tactical Inking Kit.


I even had a nutty idea for a video with explosions and people running through enemy fire with TIK in tow, screaming combat maneuvers. It was epic. It was Saving Private Renoir basically.

In the last shot, an artist pulls out a brushpen from the kit, and says in the most serious of soldier voices, “… I’m going in.” Leaping over bollards and barricades, the soldier of art reaches the sketch pad and begins to draw.

Well. I thought it was hilarious. And it’s never going to happen. It has ZERO. NADA. Nothing to do with product design and business.

At heart and by so much practice, I have been a marketer as much as a designer. A salesman of images using images. As fun as it would be, as effective as it might have been, I don’t want to focus on it. It put the kart before the horse.

Right now, the bulk of beta models are in testers hands. The real work of integrating their feedback is more important than making funny videos.

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