Carbon 3d and me, I hope

I’ve never liked resin printing.

I know it’s higher quality and resolution in many respects to fused filament which I am now very comfortable with.

The truth is I can be a terrible clutz. Too many resin printers require a resin bath system that begs my more tremoring moments of un-coordinated-ness to crash and burn. Or splatter and splash.

All joking aside, I love the Carbon 3d technologies. If you have never heard of them, one of Carbon’s chief advantages comes frome speed. The system doesn’t require the requisite peeling and settling issue of many DLP and SLA printers.

Put very simply, Carbon’s method brings resin printing closer to the image many people have in their heads about what they would LIKE 3d printing to be – something close to the speed of printing in 2d.

But as close as we’re getting to something the public has the patience to endure, the more it feels as though people are waiting for something new when it comes to 3d printing.

A few companies like Stratasys, Makerbot, and Pinshape have all announced cuts, layoffs or even closures. Carbon’s promise is balanced by its cost, the main barrier to buying a 3d printer even for fun to many on the cusp.

But I can hang in there. I want to see where all this goes. It’s a physical world, and even though we have way too much “stuff” already, I want to be a part of the story of making better stuff tomorrow.

No you can all go back to watching House of Cards. 🙂

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