Bigger and yet smaller

Two of the most conflicting responses to the pencase were it needs to carry more and larger items but it also needs to be smaller.

Conflicting, right? Frustrating in the least. People watch too much Doctor Who and think that stuff is real. Joke. I may have talked about this before, but sometimes you can never really ask the right questions.

While there is room for improvement, its funny that the size of the case wasn’t one of the things I was overly concerned with since I knew it would fit my most used items.

I have brought the Pencase into Disneyland a few times. I even gave one to a sketch artist there. It’s a test of appearances, since they have recently upped their security measures to include heavier screening of suspicious items.

Needless to say the results are not uniform in that some personell ignored the case completely while others have definitely questitoned me about it. But all of them eventually let me into the parks.

I thought about using clear filaments next to get even closer to that odd balance of interesting design and un-threatening appearance. If you have ever used clear filaments, they are kind of hard to use if your print requires heavy cleaning, but the pencase uses very little.

But trimming the case further would help people identify it’s contents faster without tagging it with a silly looking PENCIL CASE label or clumsy icon. Any decent security officer shouldn’t trust labels. Should they?

Still, we imbue objects with our story, not the intended one.