Ugh. Burnout. Over committed. Under delivered.

Sometimes, you just have to admit when too much is too much to handle.

But there was always time for art, right?

Art is easy enough these days. You don’t even have to wait for paint to dry or plaster to set when you work digitally. No molds to clean, no dust to vacuum.
But if you believe the popular theory of how blue ligjt affects your mood and metabolism, there’s the looming glow of stress sitting in front of you or in your hands nearly every hour of you day.

Like insaid, that’s if you believe in the color light theories.

I experimented a little bit with those theories and loaded a light therapy app on my tablet since it’s usually the last screen I see before I try to get some sleep.

It’s supremely annoying already that tablet screens don’t have the greatest color fidelity. Working in visual effects, companies often take great care to calibrate monitors. Light therapy apps change the color temperature of the screen and can do so with varying intensity using the theory that warmer light is more relaxing.

Well, I think it works, but to be honest I do other things to manage “sleep hygeine” these days which might contribute more to overall rest.

A dark, quiet room is actually tough in many cities. Light from other clocks and devices and even outdoor lighting and traffic in some places I have lived make this a luxury item indeed.

So there’s always room for improvememt.