WonderCon approaching

So I am positioned at table E-07 at WonderCon 2018 this year. After getting stuck on the waiting list for a few months, I have a new sketchbook prepped, a new comic almost finished, and another comic in production with an oft collaborator and friend Jamie Gambell.

Jamie’s podcast can be found here https://www.whoiampodcast.com/
Jamie and I collaborated on this piece for Nix Comics Quarterly.

Both of us work in post production and met through Karl Altstatetter of Extreme Studios. Karl used to host a meetup called Koffee and Komics in Universal City which turned into a broader collaboration culminating the Samurai Graphic Novel.

I knew Jamie worked on various projects around town, and I primarily worked out of the Universal backlot. For a few years, I would walk past the CSI soundstages on my way to lunch NOT knowing Jamie worked right inside stage 21 or 22 (CSI used stages 21-25 for almost ten years) depending on the schedule.

On one of my longer lunch breaks, and after finally figuring out we worked on the lot at the same time, I hung out backstage during a shoot once to talk about some comics stuff. Pretty laid back set, and every once in a while Jamie said the trams Universal is famous for would bleed into the audio of the shoot. Not something you can avoid, but you make do.

Jamie has had a podcast (at one time featuring your truly) about creative people processes and projects at https://www.whoiampodcast.com/. It’s worth taking a look at a lot of creative variety in there – musicians, actors, writers, comedians, publishers and more. If you are one of those struggling “below the line” like me, it’s always worth a listen.