Deep color, and running blades

Colors are mostly done now.

I was really happy with that last panel – in kind of benefitted from all those years of rendering depth maps in my day job as a CGI/visual effects guy.

Depth maps are weird to look at in isolation – painting them by hand is like painting a deep landscape with no actual details.

If you are a colorist, making flats which basically recede in value per layer of the scene accomplishes this pretty easily. And since I am ultimately a Blade Runner devotee with too much time on his hands, I almost always make some kind of Blade Runner homage or hide an Easter egg in the architecture somewhere.

I think I’ve done this in nearly every book I have published – some establisher somewhere invokes or cribs a detail from the movie. To real fans, it’s sometimes painfully obvious, and I like people’s reactins (especially die hard BR fans reactions) when the spot them on their own.

Anyway, hope to see some you at WonderCon 2018 in artists alley, table E-07.